Energy, utilities and finance consulting

We are a boutique consulting firm based in Canada providing advisory services to governments, regulators, utilities, and developers in the energy industry.

Creating value for clients and stakeholders
in the energy industry
Providing consulting services in focused areas of reforms,
transactions and regulation

Covering The Energy Supply Chain

Oil & Gas

  • Natural gas
  • LNG


  • Generation (thermal, nuclear, renewable)
  • Transmission & distribution


  •  Water desalination & RO
  •  Wastewater
  •  Recycled water

District cooling

  • Cooling Plant
  • Network Infrastructure

“We must realise that we’re not far away before it becomes cheaper to generate and store electricity locally than to do so in a centralised manner.”

Aftab Raza speaking about “Successfully managing a decentralised energy environment” at the Word Future Energy Summit, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 15 January 2019.